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What is a "Virtual Village"?
A Virtual Village is a member-driven, grassroots, non-profit community organization that brings neighbors together to help one another thrive, remain independent and make new friends as they progress through their retirement years. A Village is not a geographical place, but a plan rooted in changing how our culture thinks about aging, what our older generations can do with their lives, and how they access help if they need it.
Life's "Third Act" begins at retirement and can last for decades; we believe these years should be a time of learning, growth, and friendship, even if physical health may not be the best. 
When will Eastside Neighbors Network begin providing services to members?
We began operations on January 1, 2019.  Our Founding Members are already enjoying social events and volunteer services. We're also building our Provider Directory which we will roll out later in the year. 
What are the benefits of joining Eastside Neighbors Network?

ENN offers an array of benefits including:

  • Member-inspired social, cultural, and informational programs and clubs that facilitate life-long learning and friendship building
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Volunteer assistance for Full Service Members
  • Access to service providers recommended by volunteers and members
  • Information and referrals for local professionals and agencies


What services are offered to members?

Full Service members may receive rides to appointments, assistance with light household chores, wellness check-ins, social calls, and other neighborly help. We do not provide any "hands-on" physical help or medical assistance, only the type of help a neighbor might provide. ENN is developing a directory of service providers for members who need skilled assistance, whether it be a home health aide, a plumber, or a handy person. Some local businesses provide discounts for village members, so it’s definitely worth checking in with us first!



How does membership work?

Members pay a single annual fee to access services, resources, and social opportunities. Members request services by phone, email, or on the web site, and a volunteer or staff member will respond within one business day. We ask for at least two business days' notice to arrange assistance. Volunteers are matched with members based on skills and availability.

Social programs and other activities are announced to members by email, on the web, and by mail for those who request it; rides can be arranged in advance.  We maintain a dedicated phone line so you can talk to a live person during normal business hours or leave a message for a volunteer or Board member to respond.



Who can be a member?


Villages are generally developed by and for residents at retirement age or older. We invite anyone over age 50 to become a member, and you can volunteer at any age - many villages have volunteers in their 80's and 90's as well as high school students! If you live independently, want to build a community of new friends, and/or be part of a volunteer support system, then ENN is for you!



Why do members pay a fee?

Member fees support the infrastructure that enables us to run the organization efficiently and communicate with our members, volunteers, and the general public. Although we are an all-volunteer organization, our costs include insurance, volunteer background checks, marketing materials, and a dynamic website for communication and volunteer matching. We supplement fees with donations and sponsorships to pay for a share of our costs so we can keep our membership fees low. 



Can I buy a membership for my parents, or make a membership donation?

Absolutely! Gift memberships are a great idea, whether it's for a family member or a neighbor. We also work with community members who can't quite afford the yearly fee, and all donations are greatly appreciated.


Why are you called Eastside Neighbors Network when you only serve Bellevue?
In the long run, we hope to expand as other Villages have, so that our Bellevue Village can expand to include or assist in development of villages for neighboring Eastside communities including Redmond, Kirkland, or Issaquah. Our programs are miles, which is close to the size of the city of Bellevue. Larger cities often have several villages, which we see in Seattle. We hope the village model will become an organic part of our region so that ultimately, we'll all have access to the benefits opportunities a "virtual village" can provide.


Is there a membership waitlist?

Because we rely on volunteers to provide services, we can only accept as many members at a time as we have volunteers to provide services. It’s important to us not to overextend ourselves so we can maintain the quality and reliability of our member services.

If you have been placed on the waitlist, rest assured, we are working hard to recruit and train quality volunteers. You will be added just as soon as we find the right people!  



Online:         Email:      Phone: (425) 270-8408

Eastside Neighbors Network is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit (EIN #81-3081454)
organized to serve the residents of Bellevue, WA. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Last Update: 2/20/19

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