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The ENN  Stay-at-Home Survey was conducted during May and June of 2020. Fifty-four respondents provided demographic information. Our sample, almost exclusively drawn from the ENN local mailing list, consisted of 85% women.  Half live by themselves in their own home or apartment, while nearly half live with my spouse, partner, other family member, or a roommate, and one lives in a retirement community. The percent in each age group is shown in the pie chart:

Results are currently being analyzed.

Survey questions are listed below. Response choices for the activity questions were:

Every day

Several times a week



Never/Not applicable

In the past two weeks, about how often have you:
Talked with a relative (who does not live with you)
Talked with a friend or neighbor
Contacted your health care provider
Prepared a hot meal
Picked up groceries or medications
Had groceries or a meal delivered
Picked up a take-out meal
Watched a movie, series, or TV show
Read a book or magazine
Watched the news on TV
Read the news (online or print)
Exercised (indoors or outside)
Shopped online
Attended a class online
Helped a friend or neighbor
Played a game or worked a puzzle
Played with or cared for a pet
Gardened (indoors or outside)
Worked on projects around the house
Worked on craft projects or a hobby
Done some writing (journal, story, essay, novel, etc.)
Exchanged email or text with a family member or friend
Used Facetime, Zoom, Facebook or other social media
Worked at home (for pay)
Done volunteer work
Updated or created my budget or financial plan
Updated or created legal documents
Spent some part of my day feeling lonely, anxious, and/or depressed
Felt good about how I am managing
When restrictions on day-to-day activities have been eased, what will be your most likely reaction?
o I'll be one of the first out the door.
o I'll be eager to get out, as long as I can count on the people around me to practice social distancing and wear masks.
o I'll be hesitant to go out even if people around me are reliably practicing social distancing and wearing masks.
o I don't expect to go out much until the outbreak is under control.
o I don't expect to go out much until there is a vaccine and the majority of people have received it.
o Not sure - it depends on (please explain): 


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