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Free, Friendly Stay-at-Home Exercise Videos - updated 7/10/21

Exercise videos are an easy, enjoyable way to keep moving and keep your energy and spirits up while...well, you know. YouTube videos are free and easy to access. The ones listed below are suitable for the over-50 crowd, with friendly instructors who keep it simple and fun. Skip the ads or not, as you prefer. If you haven't exercised a lot lately, start slowly and listen to your body!* 

My latest fun workouts are from India! Ex;ore new ways to move your body!

Easier moves: 30 mins BEGINNERS Walk at Home  | BOLLYWOOD Dance Fitness Workout

More challenging moves:  30 mins BEGINNERS  Workout | BOLLYWOOD Dance Fitness

20 Min Exercise for Seniors, Elderly, & Older People - Seated Chair Exercise Senior Workout Routines

10-minute Indoor Walking Workout for Seniors, Beginner Exercisers - This one introduces many of the basic moves in a gentle, charming way. "Join my 80-year-old mom and me as we walk and say yes to next steps to good health. Take her advice: "Don't sit around. Get up and walk!""

Silver & Fit - Choose from dozens of free videos on YouTube or sign up for a daily live streaming class that fits your schedule and your needs. 

"Fit Over Fifty" - "This is a 20 minute workout led by Fitness Instructor Jenny McClendon, MS, PT - great for beginners and seniors. No equipment needed. Easy to follow! Enjoy your workout!"

"Quarantined at Home?? 20 minute exercise routine for seniors and beginners" - Jenny McClendon works out in her driveway!  "This is about 20-25 minutes of light aerobics. Enjoy! Stay safe!"

Isolated at home?? Fun 25 minute low impact aerobics for seniors and beginners - Jenny McClendon driveway workout (hers, not yours!)

7 Strength, Balance, and Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults from Go4Life - National Institute on Aging. "This 14-minute video features...exercises that older adults can perform in various places around the house using everyday materials." Real people in real homes demonstrate, guided by the instructor, Sandy Magrath.

Silver Sneakers 7-Minute Yoga Workout for Older Adults - A simple follow-along routine that builds strength, improves flexibility, and boosts balance. All you need is 7 minutes!

Silver Sneakers workout - Many more on YouTube. You may also be eligible for online workouts through your insurance company. Check your eligibility here.

Beginner 1 Mile Walk - Leslie Sansone. Easy pace, easy moves based on walking in place with a few simple variations.

12 Minute Walk at Fat Burning Pace | Walk at Home - Leslie Sansone.This one picks up the pace, but it's short and the instructor clearly explains what she's doing and why. She has lots of videos, from 12 minutes to a full hour, from beginner to very intense. Walk-Walk-Walk-Walk!  

Additional Resources:

Washington State Department of Health - Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL)

*Disclaimer: These suggestions are offered as a service to the community and do not represent an endorsement by ENN. As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos such as these, please use common sense. When performing any of the exercises in these videos, you do so at your own risk. ENN will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of information provided here. To avoid injury, please check with your doctor before beginning any new fitness program.