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Thursday Virtual Coffee Hour - What are you making for dinner these days?


Thu 08 / 06 / 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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Virtual Get-together


Free & open to all

Limited Capacity: 1 spot available

Topic: What are you cooking these days?
Once again, our survey tells us nearly everyone reports they prepare a hot meal every day or several times a week.  (That could be your morning oatmeal, but that counts too!) We'll talk about whatever you are preparing for dinner (or lunch) that is a favorite and relatively easy to prepare.
Let's hear from you! You can share a favorite hot-weather meal or recipe prior to the coffee hour by sending email to , subject line: "Recipe." It will help if you include the name of the recipe in the subject line, and a link if you found it online.
Some resources:
(Photo above: Glazed salmon salad, slide 9 of 25)
From Bobbie:
I receive weekly email from the New York Times Cooking, with great recipes and meal ideas.
"NYT Cooking is the digital source for thousands of the best recipes from The New York Times along with how- to guides for home cooks at every skill level" (free trial subscription available)
P.S.Dessert counts, too.
Chocolate cookie crunch trifle
Chocolate Cookie Crunch Trifle (slide 5, link below)
What we're cooking:
Pat: Tried FreshEase delivered meals. Take 3-minute in the microwave- so-so. Likes Whole Foods delivery. Has found it much easier to cook for herself with Instapot (examples: Gets recipes off the Internet as needed.
Judy: Doesn't cook at all; warms things up. Official microwave chef. Gets cooked food from Whole Foods; QFC has fresh corn out of the skin - fresh & sweet (microwave in paper towel 1:50 minutes); artichokes mw in container w/top on it & some water); tried Teriyaki bowl. One Chicken Yakisoba lasted all week. Very pleased.  Also Rice 'n' Spice Thai. 
Jean: Easy salmon recipe - top salmon with orange juice, hoisin sauce, and honey, then bake or grill.
Dianne: nuke fish - very efficient, like poached.
Dave: Mixed 2 recipes to use overly ripe bananas. Recently finished novel by Pamela Kelly that had a recipe for blueberry muffins; thought he would combine with banana bread recipe and come up with his own creation. One called for baking powder, one for baking soda. He got carried away thinking it would rise more so heaped up 3 tbs of baking soda. Tasted nothing but baking soda. Trying to salvage with frosting.
Michelle - traditional Chinese food; learned from family, restaurant. takes a long time. Teriyaki, pretty involved so gets chicken from Costco, can premarinated, cook panfried a couple of minutes; teriyaki sauce, cover up for a few mintues. Cooks veg separately; for single portion, easy to put after pan fry chicken, add veggie,cover 2 minutes.2 tbs sauce 1 chicken breast, can add a bit of sauce or water for more sauce. Restaurant has lots of time to prep before opening; lots of stir-fry & deep fry, less cooking times, not like trad. chinese.  Usually in rest cuts up whole chicken; shrimp - defrost, prepare. Already have pre-marinated meat, only takes a copule of min to come to table.
Dianne - summer, dif than winter. Colder months, heats oven 425 fcp, even thickness, 8 min. Check w/thermometer. Food therm absolute lifesaver; don't overcook food that way. Even boneless breast, fish, doesn't dry out. Steam vegs. Summer, chicken salad w grapes etc; broil steak w black-eyed peas & sliced veggies. Tries not a lot of cooking, not heavy to eat. Also does enchilada bake from Costco, freeze, reheat; heavy but good.  Sees something interesting - orzo, chicken, asparagus, lemon came out fabulous.
Judy: Doctor prescribed extreme vegan diet for autoimmune disease. So extreme, hard to do, can't cook what she used to; husband doesn't like it at all so makes his own meal. Vegan; dr said has great recipes. No meat, no dairy no salt no sugar, no oil. She enjoys having a huge salad for lunch and has lost weight although that was not the purpose.  
Joanne - made whole wheat bread in bread machine. Had to knead it manually, didn't have enough time to rise. Came out very dense; will try again.
Dave - opens fridge, whatever - ginger garlic, veggies, slice thin, cast iron skillet on high, olive/avocado oil; sizzle veggies 5-6 minutes. Leftover chicken or cod,throws in & stir; add frozen peas at end. Turn off heat and cover for a minute or two until peas thaw. Variation using parchment paper. Heard it's a nice way to infuse flavor.  Uses for salmon & cod. Lay two sheets of parchment on a cookie pan; put carrots & potatoes on bottom, other veggies on top; season w/pesto or other herbs; top with sliced tomatoes; roll like big burrito. Cook 20 min at 400. Enough for 2 meals (3 if you make a frittatta with the leftovers). 
Questions? Please call (425) 270-8408 or send email to
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