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Memory Loss and Aging: What is Normal and What is Not?


Wed 10 / 09 / 2019 from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
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Materials available for download.

Memory Loss and Aging: What is normal, and what is not?

Carolyn Parsey, Ph. D., Neurosciences Care Provider | UW Medicine

Do you have trouble finding words or remembering names of acquaintances? Do you ever walk into a room and can’t remember why? Do you wonder whether all of this is normal aging, or if it’s something more? At her talk on October 9, Dr. Carolyn Parsey demystified the difference between typical age-related changes and dementia (such as Alzheimer’s disease). She alerted the audience to the signs and symptoms to watch for, as well as available resources for memory loss in the community. She left us with tips to keep your brain healthy and tricks to stay sharp with age, and has generously agreed to share her handouts for those who want more information.
Handout for talk on Memory Loss and Aging, by Carolyn Parsey, Ph.D.
Additional materials:
10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
Busting Dementia Stigma-One Children's Book at a Time
MIND Diet (Mayo Clinic)
University of Washington Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) (research participation info)

Dr. Parsey is a clinical neuropsychologist at UW Medicine's Memory and Brain Wellness Center at Harborview, and an assistant professor of neurology at the UW School of Medicine.

She specializes in neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders with a specific interest in Alzheimer's disease. She is committed to providing meaningful care to patients, caregivers and families, and she is passionate about non-pharmacological interventions for patients with memory disorders. 

Dr. Parsey earned her Ph.D. at Washington State University and worked in VA hospitals in Denver, CO and Albuquerque, NM before coming to the UW. Her interdisciplinary research has focused on development of smart environments and assistive technologies to help patients with memory difficulties remain engaged mentally and physically, as well as live independently, for as long as possible. 


An introduction to our speaker:

Carolyn Parsey
To learn more about the Memory and Brain Wellness Center at Harborview, visit the web site here:
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